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Google ads is a demand fulfillment platform where people with high intent search for your products or services. It’s all about competitively optimizing searches against your competitors. With over 15 years of experience we’re confident that we can maximize your Google search and shopping ROI while scaling your budget.

We have smashed it for over 500 clients and counting, from professional services, Ecommerce, SaaS and much more. Don’t take our word for it.



Increased revenue in two months



ROAS within two months



Increase sales volume

What do our clients have to say about us?

Peter Wang

CEO | Honeybee Health

“The Pivot team came in and took over all of our marketing. In just a few weeks we’ve 5x’d our monthly revenue and we’re growing. They feel like they’re truly part of our team, and they’ve worked with everyone here seamlessly.”

Michael Moshi

CEO | Lauren Moshi

“Pivot Los Angeles tripled our B2C monthly revenue in the first 2 months. We’re growing via Facebook Ads faster than ever before unlocking a whole new revenue stream – Pivot LA has become an integral part of our business growth.”

Lucas Pols

Principal | Quake Capital

“We bring Pivot in to talk to ALL of the companies we invest in. Pivot has helped these companies unlock growth and build their businesses. Our Founders love the team and have requested them back every single time.”

Why We’re The Best Google Ads Agency in Los Angeles

Brand Culture
In the first meeting, our Google Ads team is dedicated to learning and understanding the intricacies of your business, including: your audience as you know them, your goals, and your Brand as a whole.
Competitive Analysis
Our team takes every measure to develop an in-depth understanding of your industry as well as your competitors. We also utilize industry-leading softwares to stay ahead of the competition, in turn maximizing your ROI.
Conversion Tracking

We QC your Google Ad Account to make sure that the consumer journey is being properly recorded, and that meaningful conversions are being tracked and targeted. This provides data feedback and helps towards Account optimization.

Strategy and Account Structure

Our team structures your Google Ads Account through layered segmentation. We are hyper-deliberate about segmenting our keywords, audiences, ad copy, and more… This process enables us to identify what is performing on a super precise level.

Daily Optimization
We understand the ever-changing nature of the industry, as well as individual users. Our LA Google Ads Management team tirelessly strives to maintain its place ahead of your competitors by testing new content, messaging, audience, and more…

The Adwords Optimization Checklist

Our Los Angeles Team utilizes a dynamic playbook that changes on a weekly basis in order to constantly optimize all Search, Shopping and PPC efforts.
Bidding Strategies
We set our bidding strategy to optimize for location, device, and even time of day for maximum efficiency.
Bid Modifiers
Through the deliberate use of bid modifiers (negative, retargeting, etc) we can manipulate our metrics to deliver the highest possible ROI without wasting money on bad traffic.
Keyword Optimization

We mine for highly-effective keywords and then separate for efficiency by using phrase match, exact match, and negative keywords.

Optimizing for Scalability

By using Target ROAS (return on ad spend) and Target CPA (cost per acquisition) bid settings, we capitalize on the Adwords algorithm to set your business up for scale.

Shopping Segmentation

Segmenting smart shopping campaigns (for our Ecommerce clients) facilitates higher efficiency and keyword distribution.

Responsive Search Ads

Effectively using Google Adwords AI for more keyword coverage and Ad Quality.

A/B Testing New Ad Copy and Creative

Constantly adjusting our Ad Content, aiming for the highest possible CTR.

Full Conversion Tracking

Ensure a comprehensive tracking and attribution model is being utilized to help gauge effectiveness of different strategies.

Account Quality Score Optimization

Appealing to Google’s Optimization rubric incentivizes the Adwords AI to show our content over your competitors.

Our Team

Our Google Ads Management team in Los Angeles has a thorough understanding of PPC and SEM.  We are made up of tried and true marketing professionals. We have been hand-picked for our lengthy experience in the digital marketing industry. No interns or fresh College grads. We are all entrepreneurs. We will pursue the best possible results for your business as if it were our own.

Why Pivot?

communication and transparency@2x

Communication & Transparency

We want to work with you, not for you. We aim to build lasting relationships through honest work practices and consistent collaboration. We’re in this together. Hopefully for the long run.

conversion focused@2x

Conversion Focused

Our Google Ads team is dedicated to getting the most conversions possible for the cheapest amount. Getting more for less is how we’ve been able to consistently multiply our clients’ ROIs.

granular analysis@2x

Granular Analysis

We don’t just look at what is working and what isn’t. We dig deeper and figure out why they perform the way that they do. Through constant A/B testing, data analysis, and a human element, we identify trends and capitalize on them.

growth mindset@2x

Growth Mindset

As previously stated, the Pivot Google Ads Team shares the mindset of the entrepreneur. We constantly monitor your Google Ads Account and lay the groundwork for scalability. We have everything to gain from skyrocketing your company’s revenue.