About Us

We're the MoFo's that want you to win.

We are a passionate team of media marketing professionals who understand that in order to win in today’s marketing environment, you need a strategic balance between awareness and performance media.

That is our Modern Formula.

We are on a mission to make our clients succeed at all costs – whatever it takes.

This is why we focus so heavily on creative, data analysis, and performance. We look at each facet of a given company, beyond simply ad buying, in order to drive growth with the clients that we work with.

Our amazing team of seasoned performance marketing professionals always lean in with the same energy, whether the budget is $5,000 or $50 million.

We know that our client’s success is the #1 priority and that’s why we make your business our business.

Meet The MoFos

Zihla Salinas


Justin Flayer


Sam Shaw

Head of Growth

Min Kwak

VP of Media & Analytics

Lili Miller

Director of Marketing

Kelly Medema

VP, People and Culture

Sherry Hong

VP of Recruiting

Dan Kochlany

Team Lead

Meg Hsu

Team Lead

Alleca Kerker

Head of Business

We are part of a conspiracy.

Conspiracy Theory: A Powerful Network of Specialist Partners

Should it be needed, our network partners allow us to bring powerful best-in-class capabilities to the table to tackle any client challenge at hand. We do this through a single-service model that makes the experience seamless for our clients.