Drive Measurable Results and Sales Through Linear TV and CTV

Any Agency can get you reach and engagement via Linear and CTV, but we take it a step further and show you exactly how effective your TV and CTV efforts are in driving bottom line results (ROAS).

Whether you are looking at reaching people on traditional TV or through streaming services like Hulu or Netflix, we provide a white-glove solution that puts your brand in front of the right viewers, even away from their phones.

Television Advertising

Nowadays, advertising is everywhere.

From Social Media platforms like Facebook or Tiktok, to Out-of-Home mediums like billboards and FM Radio, you are surrounded by brands competing for your consideration. Of the many mediums that brands can advertise on, TV Advertising presents the highest barrier of entry, with arguably the highest juice:squeeze ratio.

There is a certain level of credibility that comes with seeing a brand pop up between segments of your favorite show.

That Is What We Do!

Between Linear TV and Connected TV, we identify the respective shows and channels that will generate the most impact throughout and within your target audience. Granted, the goal here isn’t necessarily to generate direct-response sales through TV advertisements, but more so to impact a metric known as “Conversion Lift”.

Why Choose Modern Formula?

At Modern Formula, we understand the unique challenges of TV Advertising and how to make the most of your advertising budget. Our team of seasoned experts has the experience and deep-rooted network within the TV Advertising space needed to provide you with the right comprehensive strategy, tailored to your business needs.

Some of the benefits of choosing Modern Formula as your TV Marketing Agency include:


Targeted Advertising

We use data-driven strategies to help you reach your target audiences effectively. With our targeting capabilities we can ensure that your ads are seen by the right people, at the right time, maximizing reach and return on investment.


Creative Services

Our team of experienced marketers can help guide you in developing compelling TV ads that will capture your audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression. We work with you at every step of the way to create high-quality ads that meet your brand’s marketing objectives.


Measurable Results

We understand that measuring the impact of TV advertising can be challenging. This is why we provide our clients with detailed reporting that shows the effectiveness of individual advertising campaigns. With our analytics, you can see how your ads are performing based on the respective segment, and make adjustments as needed.

Linear TV
vs Connected TV

Linear TV

From an advertising perspective, Linear TV relies heavily on commercial breaks, where ads are broadcasted to a broader audience at a certain time depending on what scheduled program is running. We buy commercial slots on your behalf, based on data that gives us insights into which programs and channels have the highest index against households of our target audiences. This method gives us “focused spillover” where we will be reaching households who share similar attributes to your core targets.

Connected TV

For Connected TV, or CTV, we can get a lot more granular in how we target. Since users have more control over the content that they consume, we can tailor ads based on viewer preference and behavior, allowing for a more personalized and relevant advertising experience. We run 1:1 targeting against targeted audiences across all CTV inventory programmatically. We also run ads in the top-indexing CTV apps and shows for your specific target demographic.

Performance Attribution

In regards to metrics worth measuring, it boils down to two main goals: Conversion Rate and Conversion Lift. Whereas most TV Marketing agencies will provide you with surface-level insights like impressions and reach, we are able to cut up the data and show you exactly what channels, apps, shows, events, time slots, etc… drive the strongest conversion lift to further inform future efforts. To the point that we are willing to guarantee delivery within a custom audience.

Why Not Both?

We provide a holistic approach to both Linear and Connected Television. Awareness is fine and dandy, but what good is reach if you don't. make. the sale?


What is the Modern Formula?

The Modern Formula to advertising requires a full-funnel aperture on any and all advertising initiatives. At the end of the day, you can put your brand on every single advertising medium if you throw enough money at it, but that’s not the point, is it?

We are able to implement frequency caps across both Linear and CTV, enabling us to prioritize how many people see you over how many times someone is seeing you.

The goal is to make an impact!


Our focus is on getting our clients cost-effective, targeted reach that is measurable beyond surface level KPIs such as over-delivery and VCR.


How many bottom line conversions / sales did Linear TV / CTV drive, in addition to brand awareness?