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Influencer Marketing is as robust and competitive as ever. It has evolved beyond simple hashtags and sponsored posts.

So WHY is it so important for every brand to have influencer marketing on their radar?

Stand Out!

Online Marketing is SO Competitive

  • There are over 3 Million brands that actively advertise through Meta Ads alone
  • There is so much static in this marketing landscape, it is difficult for great brands to stand out.
  • Studies show that 63% of consumers would rather buy from a brand that they consider to be authentic 

Resonate With Your Consumer

  • Consumers are now more prone to trust brand recommendations from a peer, as opposed to the brand itself
  • Social proof, user generated content, and influencer marketing as a whole is how we accomplish this task
  • Capitalize on the rapport and equity of trusted faces throughout social media


Sponsored Organic Campaigns

The traditional influencer program featuring a series of organic sponsored / tailored posts from influencers.


UGC Content Creation

Meant to garner influencer content at scale to utilize for various marketing needs, such as Paid Ads and populating brand handles.


Roster Building

Prolonged partnerships with influencers that drive brand equity and LTV. We provide “brand ambassador” opportunities to create a robust Influencer Marketing network tailored to your brand.


Live Appearances

Whether it be added value or through a paid partnership, we have various ways to procure influencer appearances and postings at curated events in conjunction with PR efforts.

A White-Glove Approach To Influencer Marketing


We Provide Full-Service, Hands-On Support From Beginning To End

Identification and Research

  • Reporting Velocity Analysis
  • Fraudulent Follower Count Analysis
  • Index Against Target Audience
  • Contextual & Tonal Relevance
  • Influencer Agnostic

We approach Influencer identification analytically. Follower Counts and Influencer size aren’t always the best indicator of value, as baseline influencers can sometimes have an inflated / empty following. Hence, we evaluate their recent view velocity and potential bot following in order to determine how much positive engagement they are actually yielding.

We also evaluate how an influencer indexes for our target audience, as well as whether or not their brand tonality matches yours.

Lastly, we are influencer agnostic and don’t deal under the table with Influencers that wouldn’t serve the best interest of your brand. YOU are the priority.

Procurement & Contracting

  • Rate Negotiations
  • Organic & Paid Usage Right Inclusions
  • Exclusivity Windows
  • View Guarantees

We handle all aspects of rate negotiations and fine print within Influencer contracts.

Content is king, so we draft our contracts to ensure that you maintain the rights to repurpose influencer content for mash-up videos, paid ads, etc… On top of this, as view count will vary from Influencer to Influencer, we will guarantee view count.

Strategy & Creative

  • Individual Influencer Briefings
  • Campaign / Program Strategy
  • Creative Ideation & Production
  • Collaborative Editing & Revisions

We don’t play the middleman when it comes to Influencer Marketing. We collaborate closely with the influencers to develop the strategy and creative concepts in order to actively lead the Influencer Marketing campaign.

Once it’s time to execute, we work up close and personal with each influencer to develop (and revise) the content so as to promote your brand in an organic and endemic manner.

Campaign Management

  • Posting Schedule Development
  • Paid Amplification
  • FTC Compliance
  • Performance Reporting
  • Underdelivery Reconciliation
  • Makegood Negotiations

We are hands-on in managing the Influencer Marketing Campaign in totality. We are constantly making new developments and recommendations to organic posting schedule in order to maintain optimal cadence throughout our Influencer network. We are acutely in tune with FTC guidelines and so we ensure that all content and posts meet and comply with any and all regulations.

We provide performance reporting and analytics for both organic and paid efforts so that we have tangible data output that will guide future strategies towards ever-optimizing efficiency.

Lastly, should any of our campaigns result in deliveries below our established guarantee(s), we will be sure to reconcile adequately and negotiate makegoods as necessary.

Our Work

Streaming Service

For a massive streaming service, we drove a dual-phased influencer campaign consisting of event attendance and posting. This was promptly followed by tune-in posts that harkened back to the experiences had during the premiere event. This narrative flow drove double-digit engagement rates:

The Results

The Results

AI Chat App

For a chatting app built around interpersonal connection, we curated influencers in order to provide an honest review of the service at scale, in order to drive a groundswell of intrigue and curiosity for the new AI messaging service for dating apps:

Fitness & Nutrition App

For an online fitness and nutrition app, we recruited influencers from different genres and content styles to develop relatable lifestyle content. This enabled us to drive diversified messaging while also providing us the platform endemic content for paid efforts

The Results