TikTok Ad Agency

The Preferred TikTok Ad Agency

As one of the first three agencies to join TikTok, we’ve launched campaigns for over 75 eCommerce, SAAS, and mobile app brands on TikTok. With access to all of the early access and TikTok beta tools, we’re on the cutting edge of what will make your ads scale efficiently on TikTok.

With iOS 14.5, brands are having trouble scaling Facebook/Instagram and are looking for alternatives, and TikTok is a great way to diversify budget and scale your paid efforts. Similar to running Facebook/Instagram ads 5 – 6 years ago, Tiktok is poised to be the next big ad platform, and we’re seeing our clients double down on the channel through profitable, sustainable growth.

The Most Experienced TikTok Agency

We take pride in our team, recruiting seasoned talent with experiences in growing brands or at strong agencies. There are no interns or recent college grads staffed to any of our TikTok clients. As one of the first three agencies to gain access to TikTok’s ad platform, in January of 2020, we have been able to run more TikTok ads and ad accounts than any other agency in the world.

TikTok Onboarding Process


Strategy & Research

We’ll start by taking a deep dive into interest, creator hashtags, and Lookalike audiences on the TikTok platform to see where there is natural alignment. As we progress in our work together, we will gain further insights and ability to leverage data on the TikTok platform. As an example, we’re able to create granular, custom audiences relative to site activity and data, and can launch those to drive incremental value across the marketing funnel.


Design & Test Creative

 Our design team will take your creative assets and make TikTok ads that convert. The goal is to make the ads feel native to the platform to increase engagement and click through rates.


Reviews & Edits

Once creative and strategy is set, we’ll sit down with your team to review audiences, creative, budget, cadence and all other aspects of launch strategy so we’re aligned.


Launch & Test

Once we’re fully aligned with you, your team, and your brand, we get to work.  Typically, campaigns are launched in a matter of days, and our team is focused on testing creatives, audiences, bid strategies, etc to make sure we’re best optimized to scale.


Scale & Optimize

After a few short weeks we’ll start to see ad sets that are performing well and others that are underperforming. With more audience and creative insight we’ll cut under-performers and reposition the budget to our top campaigns. We’ll then cycle in additional budget to test which will inevitably help us scale.


Wash, Rinse, Repeat (or, you know, Test, Scale, Optimize, Repeat)

With all good ad campaigns we’ll rinse and repeat through aggressive testing and optimization to achieve escape velocity.

Granular Testing, Bidding, and Conversion Strategies

Our TikTok media strategy revolves around data-driven testing at the audience, creative, and funnel level. The goal is to use your data and insights to best inform our strategy. We’ll use TikTok’s bidding system to bid on clicks and conversions, to ensure that we’re utilizing our budgets and spending efficiently. Compared to Facebook/Instagram, we’ve seen that Cost Per Clicks can be a lot cheaper, though we recognize that it’s important to generate clicks that actually convert. It’s a delicate balance as cheap clicks can signal poor traffic quality and therefore low conversion. We actively monitor creative performance and on-site conversion to make sure we’re getting the perfect balance of click throughs and conversion.

Modern Formula is a Premiere TikTok Agency Partner

TikTok Ads Beta Access

As a premiere TikTok agency partner, Modern Formula gets access to all of TikTok’s early beta targeting, tools, and audiences, which have helped us drive incredible business for our clients and partners.

Results That Speak Volume

We have more than 4x’ed our clients’ returns on the platform over non-agency ad accounts. 

Unique Ad Abilities

Run catalog ads for dynamic product ads and dynamic showcase ads

Multi-session attribution dev pixel with server-side conversion data

Boost organic and influencer content for additional social proof

Upload custom audiences based on email and phone number data

The TikTok Ads Funnel Data Matters

One of our most asked questions is: “How do you decide to cut audiences, creatives, and budget in the TikTok ad platform?” 

In short, we make these types of decisions based on in-platform and on-site data. If we’re not getting efficient conversions with statistically significant spend, we’ll cut an audience, creative, or campaign quickly. If click through rate (CTR) is very low it’s a good signal that we need to switch up creative. If the cost to drive traffic to the site is within an acceptable range, but we’re seeing Cost Per Add to Cart or Cost Per Purchase coming in too high we’ll cut the ad sets quickly.

There are a number of bidding strategies that we can change to influence the outcome, but those strategies are only as effective as the data that informs them; we look at every piece of data, and as much of the funnel as possible, to inform the best decisions and upside outcomes.

Our TikTok Ad Account Audit

We’re one of the few TikTok Ad agencies that will go through your ad account to give you feedback and advice before you engage with us. Our full funnel TikTok ad audits include the following:



We’ll make sure your pixels, deep links, and any other events are set up correctly so that your TikTok ad account is getting all of the data it needs to optimize



With iOS14.5 and cookie less browsers, we’ll ensure you’re tracking a few different attribution models and that there is a single source of truth when it comes to ROI and tracking


Campaign & Ad Set Structure

Making sure you’re utilizing all of your data to find the best audiences. We’ll also make sure you’re pushing ad spend to all of the correct funnel stages and that your account is structured to scale


Landing Pages / Product Matching

It’s important that we’re landing our TikTok ad traffic on the correct pages where customers will have the highest conversion and lowest bounce



Making sure we’re going after the correct audiences both based on research and by utilizing our own data



It’s important that you’re testing a wide variety of creatives and placement types so that we’re keeping customers interested in our products. We’ll also want to make sure there’s a cohesive and structured creative testing strategy for our ad campaigns


Bid Strategy

the most common bidding strategy in most TikTok ad accounts is lowest cost conversion, however, we can utilize other strategies like highest value to extract more revenue for less from our audiences.


Scaling Opportunities

Finally, making sure we’re taking advantage of every opportunity to scale our ad campaigns. Oftentimes, there are ad sets, placements, or creatives that aren’t getting enough spend, even though they’re extremely efficient.