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The Facebook Agency With the Highest ROI​

Modern Formula is your dedicated Facebook/Instagram agency and growth partner. eCommerce, Mobile Apps, SAAS or otherwise, we’ve worked with some of the top brands to conquer scaling Facebook ads profitably, with best-in-class attribution.

Facebook ads are getting harder and harder every year, with changes to attribution from things like iOS 14.5 or algorithm updates that make old bidding strategies obsolete.

Most Facebook ad agencies and consultants will pitch you quick fixes, “hacks” to scale your digital marketing, or try to scare you. Other agencies will hit a growth wall, and can’t help you scale past your current revenue or profit.


Our Facebook Ads Process


Strategy & Research

We’ll go through your data to find granular audience and segments, along with interest targeting options and competitive research


Design and Test Creative

Our design team will use your assets to create a wide range of creatives for us to test in our campaign


Reviews and Edits

Before launching, we’ll do a strategy review with your team to make sure our ad formats make sense and our digital marketing strategy is sound


Launch and Test​

Once we launch, the focus is rapid fire testing and making changes so we can find pockets of opportunity. We’ll kill unprofitable ads and audiences, and cycle in fresh creative and segments


Scale and Optimize

Very quickly, we’ll find a few ad campaigns and ad sets working well. We’ll double down on these ad sets and cut anything underperforming


Test, Scale, Optimize, Repeat

As we grow we’ll continue to test, optimize, rinse and repeat so we’re always growing and learning

A Facebook Ads Agency that actually Cares about Profitable, Sustainable Growth

Our best in class talent comes from other agencies and businesses, with the requirement being that they’re experienced in growing ad accounts. We don’t hire straight out of college – all of our Facebook/Instagram ad buying talent cares deeply and has the answers to grow your Facebook ad campaigns.

Granular Testing and Page Matching

Our ad buying strategy and recommendations revolve around extremely granular funnel, audience, and creative testing. On the audience level, we strive to match landing pages that match ads that match audiences. For example, if we’re running a high average order value audience, we can create a collection with items that high average order customers tend to buy, then run a high AOV lookalike, with creative from that collection. By matching all stages of the user journey, we see really high click through rates and buying intent.

What’s Included in our FB Ads Audit?

We’re one of the few Facebook Ad agencies that will go through your ad account to give you feedback and advice, before you engage us. Our Facebook ad audits include the following:



We’ll make sure your pixels, deep links, and any other events are set up correctly so that your Facebook ad account is getting all of the data it needs to optimize



With iOS14.5 and cookie less browsers, we’ll ensure you’re tracking a few different attribution models and that there is a single source of truth when it comes to ROI and tracking


Campaign & Ad Set Structure

Making sure you’re utilizing all of your data to find the best audiences. We’ll also make sure you’re pushing ad spend to all of the correct funnel stages and that your account is structured to scale


Landing Pages / Product Matching

It’s important that we’re landing our Facebook ad traffic on the correct pages where customers will have the highest conversion and lowest bounce



Making sure we’re going after the correct audiences both based on research and by utilizing our own data



It’s important that you’re testing a wide variety of creatives and placement types so that we’re keeping customers interested in our products. We’ll also want to make sure there’s a cohesive and structured creative testing strategy for our ad campaigns


Bid Strategy

the most common bidding strategy in most Facebook and Instagram ad accounts is lowest cost conversion, however, we can utilize other strategies like highest value, bid caps, cost caps to extract more revenue for less from our audiences.


Scaling Opportunities

Finally, making sure we’re taking advantage of every opportunity to scale our ad campaigns. Oftentimes, there are ad sets, placements, or creatives that aren’t getting enough spend, even though they’re extremely efficient.

We had just raised our first round of funding and were pretty much at $0 in revenue. The Modern Formula team was my first pick for a Facebook ads agency. They truly became a part of our team, and within 8 months we went from $0 to over $5MM in revenue and were able to raise our next round of funding. Everything was seamless, and we ended up bringing them on for Google Ads as well.
Peter Wang
CEO | Honeybee Health