Creative Sponsorships With Modern Formula

At Modern Formula, we understand the importance of brand recognition and creating a strong presence both on and offline. As such, we offer a wide array of creative sponsorship opportunities that can help your brand create lasting impacts on users by capitalizing on other brands equity credibility.

Our Approach Is Simple!



We identify sponsorship opportunities aligned with the unique needs of your specific brand.



We reach out to brands with considerable index between your brand and theirs and handle the negotiations, wall to wall, in order to craft and curate a mutually beneficial agreement between both parties.

Sponsorships Can Take
Several Forms

Sponsorships are one of the best ways to leverage another brand/publisher's brand equity to your advantage. Similar to working with influencers, it’s about legitimizing your brand and presenting your brand in a more endemic and/or impactful manner. Sponsorships are also one of the best ways to “eventize” your brand which is why many brands are so eager to sponsor halftime shows or marquée events such as the Super Bowl or the NBA All Star Game.

One of the biggest factors in favor of brand sponsorships is that it is an opportunity to contextually align with something that your target audience cares about.


Website Sponsorships are where one brand offers to host another brand’s likeness on select pages throughout their website, or in some cases, an entire site takeover.

MoFo’s Website Sponsorship service offers a white glove experience that is designed to help you reach your target audience by reaching brands with similar voices and / or offerings and getting an agreement in places to drive external traffic to your site and casting a wider net.

We are super flexible with the curation of sponsorship opportunities that can be customized to meet your specific goals and needs. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, or generate leads, we can tailor partnerships with pertinent brands in order to grow your brand.


Sponsored Editorials are more geared towards building brand awareness and establishing your brand’s public equity through thought leadership within your industry. We work with leaders in the space to create high-quality content that is informative, engaging, and built to show up among organic search results.

With Sponsored Editorials, our ads are the only ads running against the publisher’s content series. We would add custom segments to the content series. We will help you tell your story in a way that resonates with the right audiences at scale.


We work with publishers to make custom branded video or editorial content. We reach out to the right creators to create valuable reviews and testimonials or your product and / or service to glean visibility and credibility among their viewers and readers.

Whether you are looking to create a product demonstration video, a brand testimonial, or anything along those lines, we have the resources and expertise to help you be seen by the right people. Our team of professionals will broker agreements between your brand and relevant writers and content producers to ensure that the content is informative and pertinent to your target audience.


Eventizing your brand is one of the best ways to convey to the masses what it is that your brand stands with, and what your brand stands for. This could look like painting your logo onto a ski jump for a televised Winter sports event to let people know that if they’re into skiing, they’ll probably be into your brand as well. Or if you’re involved in the online gaming industry, getting banners all over an e-sports tournament. 

Sponsored Events are designed to help you connect with your target audience on a personal level, in a way that is memorable and impactful. We work with you to create custom events that showcase your brand’s unique personality and values.

The MoFo professionals work with you to ensure that any and all sponsored events are aligned with your marketing goals and your brand’s voice. We handle everything from brand selection to event promotion to ensure that the event and subsequent conversion lift is successful and measurable.