Email Marketing Services

Why Email Marketing Matters

Email marketing is one of the most high leverage and most efficient marketing channels there is. Because cost to email is so affordable compared to other marketing channels, having a highly optimized email campaign can dramatically increase your business’ customer base and in turn revenue growth. Email marketing consists of abandoned cart, retargeting, nurturing, newsletter and many other forms of marketing.

Here at Modern Formula, our elite email marketing team will make sure email becomes a large part of your revenue. We optimize for the highest open, click through and response rates so you can actively convert and reengage customers.

Our Email Marketing Process


Strategy Development

Our team will spend considerable time analyzing your current email marketing efforts while cleaning and segmenting your current lists. We will use this information to map out a strategy focused on improving or building your email automation and broadcast strategies.



After we have a strategy in place, our team will begin implementing changes. This includes writing copy, designing, coding, and sending out emails to your lists.


High ROI Result

When using best practices, email marketing has the highest return on investment of any other channel. Once we begin implementing changes, you can sit back and watch the revenue roll in.

What’s Included in our Email Marketing Campaigns


Automation & Drip

Sending manual emails is both painful and unscalable. By automating your email workflow your customers will get dozens of messages from you thereby increasing your engagement with your customers. This can help you double or even triple your sales.


Design & Copy

Our in house designers and copywriters will make sure your emails have the correct messaging and content to engage your audience. We’ll help you A/B test your emails for maximum open and click through rates.


Email Service Provider (ESP)

Finding the best email service provider for your business is a major component to your success. Because we’ve used them all, we can recommend a high delivering ESP that fits your specific business needs.



We’ll regularly test your email subjects, content, and copy to ensure high open and click through rates. This will typically double or even triple your email’s conversion rate.


Implementation & Coding

We’ll make sure your emails look beautiful on any and all devices. This means clean code that makes your emails lightweight and easy for customers to open even on poor connections.