Sisu Clinic

Increased the number of bookings by over 200%


Number of Bookings


Reduction in CPA


Increase in Ad Spend

The Problem

Sisu Clinic is Europe’s largest aesthetic clinic. They came to Modern Formula with the goal of US expansion, increasing their number of bookings while decreasing their overall CPA on Meta and Google.

The Solution

On Meta we faced a few challenges early on with the booking flow, the pixel was not set up properly and the introductory offer was not enticing enough. Our strategy involved implementing a more optimized booking flow to make the process more seamless. We did this by aligning the ad copy to the flow experience by eliminating the $45 deposit to book which resulted in a significant drop in the CPA. Once the pixel was setup properly, our ads were able to optimize and we were able to serve ads to the right people.

Additionally, Sisu Clinic did not have a welcome offer, so we recommended a $495 promotion for 3 areas of botox and a free lip flip which improved performance on Meta and helped to overcome competition on Google. When launching in new locations we used radius targeting and best performing keyword groups to optimize these campaigns. We have been able to double the monthly Google ad spend while maintaining the same CPA while expanding into new locations.

The Result

From Q1 to Q2 2023, we have increased the number of bookings by over 200%.