4.2X ROAS on $150K+ in spend. Increased sales volume by 15,327% within 3 months. Achieved 7 figure annual run rate within 2 months.


ROAS on $150K+
in Spend


Increased Sales Volume within 3 Months

7 Figure

Achieved 7 Figure Annual Run Rate within 2 Months

The Problem

Samplize is one of the few e-commerce businesses out there that literally invented their product / product category. They had a lot of success early on with running Pinterest ads and some Google search ads but couldn’t crack the code when it came to Facebook ads, which they knew was the key to really scaling up their business.

The Strategy

Our orders were fairly simple: achieve a minimum of a 3.0x ROAS and scale budget as much as possible, ideally into the six figure a month range, starting from basically $0.

Since Samplize has a ton of SKUs, we started off testing segmented, granular lookalike audiences of different categories: colors, revenue, recency, # of orders. This immediately yielded a 3x+ ROAS on top of funnel which was promising since blended return with middle and bottom should be a lot higher. We also tested DABA campaigns Dynamic Ad Broad Audience. Using our catalog, we were able to algorithmically serve specific colors to top of funnel audiences. This beat the performance of our LAL segmentation campaign, which further improved our top of funnel return on ad spend, again very promising since mixed with middle and bottom of funnel campaigns we were able to yield a 4.2x average return on ad spend

The next focus was on scaling the performance we’ve achieved so far, which involved building out separate campaigns to avoid audience saturation. For top of funnel we had our DABA, segmented lookalikes, segmented Interest, and Broad campaigns, which allowed us to achieve a 7 figure run rate

The results was a hyper growth business that was/is profitable the entire way. We’re now shifting our focus to scaling performance on Google and Pinterest Ads

The Result

We scaled spend from virtually $0 on Facebook to $150K+ per month with a 4.2x return on ad spend. This led to an increase in sales volume of 15,237% in 3 months and a 7-figure ARR.