Client Giant

Increased # of Sign-ups by 312% from month 1 to month 2. We hit 3.38X ROAS within 2 months. Reduced Cost Per Sign-up by 42% within 1 month.


Increase in # of Sign-ups from Month 1 to Month 2


Return on Ad Spend within 2 Months


Reduction in Cost Per Sign-up within 1 Month

The Problem

The real estate and client services market is extremely crowded and competitive, especially when it comes to client retention and management tools for real estate agents. Client Giant found a unique way to help real estate agents and other client services teams keep their clients engaged and, in turn, both refer more clients and stay retained over time. Client Giant traditionally relied on in-person talks/presentations, word of mouth, and email to grow their business. This was great to get started, but they were looking for channels to really scale their growth and increase conversion effectively. They also weren’t very clear on what their customer lifetime value (LTV) was and because of that, they were unsure what customer acquisition cost (CAC) they could afford.

The Strategy

We started with a full audit of the Client Giant funnel and retargeting strategy. We gave the team feedback on how to better optimize the site and their email flows to increase conversion from landing to sign-up, and from sign-up to purchase (largely using automated email flows). 

Since Client Giant had no paid acquisition history, we started off setting up landing pages for different audiences segments – real estate, business users, and enterprise. We considered LinkedIn Ads first, but after careful analysis decided that the acquisition cost would be way too expensive, so we decided to do Facebook / Instagram ads. The decision here was based on the fact that Client Giant was a fairly new, innovative product so discover and demand generation on Facebook made a lot of sense.

Based on the new landing pages, we created different audiences for each of those segments, with separate creatives, driving to those different landing pages. We optimized on sign-ups since the purchase funnel was long, and focused on driving visitors top of funnel to retarget through middle and bottom of funnel. We quickly hit a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 4X+, and from there focused on scaling. We dynamically adjusted budgets and bids based on performance and managed to double our spend while maintaining ROAS. At the same time, we reduced our cost per sign-up by 42%.

We adjusted the funnel as well to improve conversion rates – we started calling all leads who didn’t purchase and improving an automated email funnel as well.

The Result

We hit 3.38X ROAS within 2 months and reduced Cost Per Sign-up by 42% within 1 month. We’re now scaling the campaigns and, in turn, the business, unlocking a whole new channel for growth for Client Giant.