Career Karma

Reduced cost per sign-up from $29.40 to $4.67 in 3 months. Increased the number of sign-ups by 948% in 3 months.


Increase in Sign-ups in Just 3 Months


From $29.40 to $4.67 Decrease in Cost Per Sign-up in 3 Months


Decrease in Cost Per

The Problem

The coding bootcamp space is both extremely competitive and saturated as it’s become really popular for those that are looking to make career changes. Because of the high income from employer recruiting fees, there has also been an influx of actual coding bootcamps that have started. Career Karma has a training and prequalification platform for candidates to help them get into coding boot camps, the problem is the high cost to acquire customers since they’re competing with the very camps their supplying students to. Career Karma had done some Facebook ads prior to joining us, but they were having trouble increasing efficiency and scaling ad spend.

The Strategy

The first thing we started with was testing different points in the sales funnels to optimize on. A few that we went through included a webinar, a chatbot, and direct app installs. We found that focusing on direct app installs and using retargeting would produce the best efficiency so we began to optimize on this event.

After a good amount of creative and copy testing, we then realized that the messaging wasn’t resonating with the audience. We started testing two new themes – “Learn how to code” and “Break into a tech career” both of which largely increased click-through rates and, in turn, download rates. We also saw a huge uptick in down funnel conversion.

Lastly, on the data side, we more granularly segmented audiences based on funnel data in-app metrics. We found that focusing on the highest intent audiences with heavy retargeting largely increased our down funnel conversion rate since they were most engaged on the onsight. The result was an 85% decrease in cost per sign up and a 948% increase of sign-ups in just 3 months.

The Result

Reduced cost per sign-up from $29.40 to $4.67 in 3 months. Increased number of sign-ups by 948% in 3 months.