Boob Hold


Increase in sales


increase in efficiency


return customer rate


Boob Hold came to us at their lowest point since their initial launch. Their primary products are used by customers that are going out to dinners, clubs, weddings, and looking to dress up. Because of the pandemic, sales were at an all time low. On top of this, they had issues with their Facebook/Instagram ad account getting banned so data from ads was very patchy / inconsistent. Not doing much outside of Facebook/Instagram, returning customer rate was on a downward trend. Because the product and average order value is fairly low, we needed a very low cost per acquisition to make them profitable.

THE Solution

With all of the challenges with Facebook and Instagram, we decided to start with Google Search and Shopping. Working with not much data, the strategy was focused on setting a good foundation in terms of structure and keywords. We launched with an alpha / beta approach and grouped similar keywords in ad groups. With this approach, Boob Hold’s ad ranks started improving while we also revamp their landing page experiences since they had a few different products. We optimized the account with manual bids to get enough data on intent and profitable keywords before switching over to a target ROAS automated bid strategy. With manual optimization we 3x’d monthly conversion and improved return on ad spend by 15%.

With enough data in both the search and shopping campaigns we were now able to switch to an automated target ROAS strategy to allow the account to fully utilize Google’s algorithm. Over the next 2 – 3 months the account once again 4x’d in monthly conversion while maintaining our profitable return on ad spend (ROAS). On top of this, we were able to successfully switch standard shopping campaigns to smart shopping campaigns which increased monthly conversion by 60% while improving ROAS by another 10%.

The goal was simplifying the account by organizing and segmenting keyword categories. Improving the overall experience and ad ranks was a priority in order to increase search impression share. From there we manually bid to find pockets of intent, growth, and ROAS before switching to automated strategies to scale.


4 months in and Boob Hold was able to 12x conversion while increasing efficiency by 24%. With added email strategy we also increased the returning customer rate to 35%.