Generated 5 – 10 leads per day. Booked 40+ calls per month in target city alone. Collected 100’s of email addresses for retargeting.


Leads Per Day


Calls Booked Per Month in Target City Alone


Of Email Addresses Collected for Retargeting

The Problem

Avo is an employee perk program for large companies. They create company branded online grocery stores with same-day delivery to these employees’ office buildings. There are no order minimums or fees associated, making it really convenient for staff members to get their grocery shopping done while at work. Avo wanted to focus on marketing to companies with at least 100 employees in the office and only in the Manhattan area since this is where they first set up their US distribution. The goal was to book calls with decision-makers in HR departments while limiting ad spend since the fear was targeting Heads/Director/VP of Human Resources would be tough on traditional channels like Facebook or Google.

The Strategy

We started by pulling lead lists for company sizes 50 – 200, 200 – 500, 500 – 1000, and 1000+ for companies specifically in Manhattan with senior/decision-maker level HR titles like Director of Human Resources, Head of People and Operations, Head of Employee Happiness and much more. We then came up with 4 – 5 copy variations for our initial reach out ranging from extremely salesy to not salesy at all.

We split our outreach campaigns by headcount and chose two sets of copy to A/B test that were dramatically different – the first was extremely salesy and included a ton of information on Avo.  The second was very broad and didn’t sell anything – we simply asked for advice and a phone call. Once the campaigns were prepped, we started by sending connection requests to 100 prospects from our initial list per day.

Once a prospect accepted our connection request, we put them into a drip InMail campaign that would stop as soon as prospects responded to our InMails. During this step, we’re also able to get 65 – 85% of these prospects’ email addresses to hit them on another channel. The reason why InMail works so well is most prospects not only get direct messaged on LinkedIn via the InMail messenger platform, LinkedIn also emails them to tell them they’ve gotten an InMail. Once a prospect responds, a member of the sales team engages to book the call. After a few tests, we found that the audiences ranging 500 – 1,000+ headcount resonated best with our messages and that the broad copy worked the best.

The Result

Overall we end up spending $0 on ad spend and consistently booking 40+ calls a month in Manhattan alone using LinkedIn. We also gathered hundreds of email addresses per month that we can use for retargeting via direct email and in custom audiences on other ad platforms. This is a strategy that’s scalable and repeatable as we continue to ad sales reps to the Avo team and expand across cities, again, with no ad spend.